Hi there. I'm Varun B Patil. I work as a Software Engineer for NetApp in Banglore, Karnataka, India. My new passion and hobby is web designing and in the last couple of years have been experimenting with different web technologies. I also like to code and most importantly love to experiment with new technologies. I like to be aware of all the latest technology and gadgets and I wish to make others aware as well through my blog. I am also a huge automotive technology fan even though I am not from a mechanical background. I like to learn new and interesting things in life especially in the technological sphere. Most importantly, I absolutely love to write.


I am fairly good at programming in C, C++ and Java although my work currently involves C and C++ exclusively. In the last couple of years I have tried to learn various web development technologies like HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and I have become fairly good at using them. It was while playing around with git and related projects that I stumbled upon Jekyll, markdown and Liquid as a way to build static websites and host them on GitHub. This got me started immediately and this website is the culmination of that effort.

This website

This website is my latest effort at creating a static website using Jekyll, markdown and Liquid. I learnt about these new technologies while trying to find out more about git and immediately got working on it. Through this website I wish to communicate my thoughts and feelings regarding the latest technologies, gadgets, news and also elicit constructive responses from my blog readers. I blog about latest technologies, gadgets, softwares, cars, car shows, free online courses, and just plain interesting news !!!. I also wish to share all of my projects with my readers and also encourage their responses for improvements.

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