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Not long ago, I used notepad++ on windows and medit on Linux as my favorite text editor for hardcore programming. But then, during my brief internship at Cisco, I was coaxed into trying out vim (credits to my mentor Ramkrishnan at Cisco). And the skills that my colleague's demonstrated while using vim further compelled me to try it out. After only about one month of forcing myself to use vim for all editing tasks, I found myself loving it more by the day. I have now reached a point where I can't live without vim.

And today I found out about a project on Github which aims to develop the ultimate vim config file. A vim config file is the core of your vim experience where you control how vim behaves. A good vim configuration means a good vim experience. This project known as spf13-vim is among the top 0.5% of projects on Github and it shows in the quality of the project web page itself and of course the usability of the vim configuration.

Installation is as easy as downloading a single shell script and executing it (instructions are in the link above). The project has also integrated the greatest vim plugins ever that increase productivity to a great extent. Most importantly it is completely cross-platform and works the same whether you are on windows or Linux. It has all the best vim options set, provides the ability to customize the configuration, includes beautiful colorschemes, and a host of plugins like spell check and those that aid programmers like comments, directory trees, etc. With this, vim has turned into a full featured IDE much like eclipse and the like. I am simply loving it :)

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