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The last few months have been some of my best. Joined Cisco for an internship, immediately got the opportunity to work on Android. Completed my college project work with flying colors, won TCS best student award for topping my batch at college, enjoying a completely working ICS mod on my Motorola defy, completed the Cisco project on the last day of internship(with help ofcourse, lots of it !!!). Foolish of me to think that I can put all of it in one post, but here I am doing exactly the same.

At Cisco, I had the opportunity of working with my mentor Ramkrishnan. Even though it was for just 3 months, I learnt so many things from him -- gathered the courage to use vi(can't live without it now !!!), became fairly good at touch-typing(close to 40 wpm !!!), learnt a lot about git(I now use it for all my projects and this website as well), and ofcourse Android, adb and things of that sort that I now use very often to play around with my phone :) And ofcourse, I was able to complete the Cisco internship project just in time with a lot of his help particularly because I was so new to Gstreamer and Android. More on the project in a later post. Above all, one thing that I really liked about my mentor was his down-to-earth nature and ever-smiling face :). Hope I can learn more from him in the future.

Even though I did not have much time to work on my college project since I was in Bangalore for 4 days a week, it really went well... the presentation, demo and all. With all the heavy-lifting over, I still need to prepare some reports and formal papers on the project and I am already half way through. So no worries :-)

And finally CM9 ICS by epsylon3 has become stable enough on my Motorola defy to use everyday and it is kind of invigorating to have the latest and greatest android powering your phone :)

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