Tested : MIUI rom on Motorola Defy

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I have been using Cyanogenmod 7 (gingerbread) on my motorola defy for two months now and there was nothing more I wanted out of my phone...that is until I laid my eyes on the MIUI rom.

I decided to give it a try especially after I read that the MIUI rom runs more smoothly that CM7 on the motorola defy. Flashing the MIUI rom follows exactly the same procedure as flashing the CM7, only easier because, you don't need to flash google apps seperately like in CM7 because it is built into the MIUI rom. The MIUI rom is also based on Android Gingerbread 2.3.7 and is developed by Chinese developers using the cyanogenmod base. True to what they claim, MIUI provides the most beautiful UI of all custom ROM's. It has some elements of the Apple's iOS(which is undoubtedly beautiful) combined with stock android and is heavily customizable...even more compared to the cyanogenmod ROM. And like in the CM7, my motorola defy is now automatically overclocked to 1GHz from the stock 800MHz. There is also virtually no lag in screen transition. Moreover MIUI can boast of an incredible in-built music app and an equally incredible social app and a wide array of community and fan developed themes. The camera app packs comparably fewer features than CM7, but is livable with for most of your photo shooting activities. I only hope they release an Android ICS version soon. :)

The really fun thing about MIUI roms is that there are so many forks available. There is one called MIUI Android, there is one called MIUI U.S, then there is the MIUI Scotland or Galnet MIUI and many many more based on your region and language !!!

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